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Extrait de Parfum - 7.5 ml Issara Travel Spray Bottle comes with an elegant box and its 2 refills of 7.5ml each (22.5ml in total). 


Discover the 50ml format



At once fiercely natural and intricately refined, Issara is a fougère beyond comparison, blending classic freshness with dynamic ingredients that add unprecedented smoothness and character.


Olfactive Notes

In the opening,

brisk, fresh green Pine

blends joyfully with subtle,

soft herbal notes

for a walk in nature!


At the heart,

a rousing Tonka Bean absolute

along with Clary Sage—

the pure country-fresh fragrance

of new-mown hay,

with rich balsamic notes

of the forest from Vertiver Bourbon

and the intimately mellow scent

of Sylvester Pine Leaf.


In the base,

a trio of spontaneous,

earthy aromas — magical Musk,

extremely rare, rich Ambergris

and a woody Oakmoss.



Ingredients List

*Terms and Conditions are available here

Issara Travel Spray Bottle + 2 Refills

  • This product comes with our Sample Trios - Collection Signature. It allows you to try any three scents of our beautiful fourteenth-fragrance collection, each one in a boxed 2.5ml sample spray.


    Choose your 3 samples of 2.5ml directly in this product page.

  • This fragrance contains natural raw materials. 

    Any appearance of suspended particles does not alter its quality in any way. 

    Color variations are expected as some of the ingredients mature; this does not affect the fragrance's quality either. 

    To enable your fragrance to remain in excellent condition for a long time, please keep it stored in its box, and protect it from direct light, sources of heat and sudden changes in temperature. 

    Do not spray near naked flame or any incandescent material.

    For external use only. 

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