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Extrait de Parfum - 50 ml.


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"PELAGOS (Greek for “sea”) is a dynamic Extrait that evokes the sense of limitless possibilities, inspired by my deeply cherished memories of the Aegean Sea islands. There, gazing at the sky and sea merging in the horizon, I felt and believed that anything was possible. PELAGOS encapsulates a contemporary, exhilarating notion of freshness, with its every note presented under a prism of joyous, spirited luminosity—thus reflecting the extraordinary light of Greece." - Pissara Umavijani


Olfactive Notes

In the opening,
a symphony of radiant, citrusy notes
(Bergamot, Orange, Litsea Cubeba)
kissed by a profoundly invigorating Sea Breeze Accord.


At the heart,
precious Orris Butter blended
with an array of warm and inviting
floral, herbal, and coumarinic notes
(Jasmine, White Thyme, Tonka Bean).


In the base,
the softest, most luxurious Leather
interacting with ethereal Ambrette, mind-clearing Incense,
and a variety of woody/earthy elements
(Sandalwood, Amyris, Patchouli, Vetiver).



Ingredients List

*Terms and Conditions are available here


  • This fragrance contains natural raw materials. 

    Any appearance of suspended particles does not alter its quality in any way. 

    Color variations are expected as some of the ingredients mature; this does not affect the fragrance's quality either. 

    To enable your fragrance to remain in excellent condition for a long time, please keep it stored in its box, and protect it from direct light, sources of heat and sudden changes in temperature. 

    Do not spray near naked flame or any incandescent material.

    For external use only. 

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