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Parfums Dusita, our multi-awarded, independent, niche fragrance House, was founded in 2016 by self-taught perfumer Pissara “Ploi” Umavijani. She had arrived to Paris five years before, with a dream to start a career in the perfume world.


Born and raised in Bangkok, in a house filled with art and adorned with a beautiful garden, Pissara became fascinated with French perfumery from an early age.


Those fragrances, combined with her father’s stories and poems about his voyages, made young Pissara dream of travelling to France one day.

All Dusita perfumes are olfactory tributes to the poetry of the late Montri Umavijani, father of our founder and perfumer. In the Dusita universe, both poetry and perfume are ideal means of connecting with others; they stir the imagination, uplift the spirit, and appeal to the senses, as well as the intellect.


Further inspired by Montri Umavijani’s life-long pursuit of the joy and inner peace that the heavenly paradise “Dusita” promises, all our perfumes aim to evoke realms of earthly happiness and sublimity.

For each fragrance she composes, Pissara also creates an illustration that captures the essence of the scent, as well of the poem that inspired it.

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All of our creations are crafted with premium quality and largely natural raw materials, ensuring the best olfactive experience. 


We prioritize responsibly produced and ethically sourced ingredients through the esteemed Accords & Parfums Composition House located near Grasse. 


Additionally, we are fully committed to the protection and well-being of animals, which is why all our fragrances are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Our Paris boutique reflects the artistry and ethos of Parfums Dusita and our fundamental values of supreme quality, genuine creativity, and warm hospitality. The boutique's ambiance seeks to evoke joy and contentment, like the paradise Dusita after which our brand is named.


In July 2022, we launched the Atelier Dusita, a unique and exciting workshop during which participants can experiment with beautiful raw materials and exclusive accords composed by Pissara, ultimately blending their own fragrance under expert guidance.


Visit us at: 11 Rue de la Sourdière, Paris 75001

Video: @michael.charles.official and @njaragasy

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