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Pelagos 50ml on a table in Greece

Pissara Umavijani in Greece

The sun was blazing above the island of Mykonos, turning the little white houses into a shimmering mirage. Beneath the intense heat, a secret melody was pulsating—the song of the Mediterranean. The crashing waves were dancing with the scent of iodized air and sun-baked rocks to an ancient tune that stirred my soul.

Water has always been my muse. Growing up in Thailand, the monsoons and the Chao Phraya river were speaking to me about power. But the Aegean Sea was different. Timeless, it echoed with glorious history and fascinating myths that went back thousands of years.

One fiery sunset, I wandered into a tiny antique store. The scent of aged paper and leather mingled with the sea air. My fingers traced book spines filled with tales of gods and monsters, as current today as ever.

Later that evening, a poem written by my father, Montri Umavijani, caught my eye. His words, always mystical, resonated deeply. His poem titled "Limit" mirrored the sea:

Tell me where my limit lies,

so I may go up to it

and knock just so gently

to show I am human.

The sea's vastness, a constant challenge, urged me to explore. Yet, within its power resided a fragility, a reminder of our human vulnerability.

Pelagos Illustration

That night, a synaesthetic vision unfolded: I saw the Aegean Sea as a perfume. A fragrance capturing the sea air and the sun-warmed stones, along with echoes of history and the truth of my father's poem.

Back in Paris, I captured that vision in my lab: I created Pelagos. Bergamot became the summer light, my sea breeze accord the sea's breath, while orris butter created a soulful ambiance. The white thyme added warmth and the tonka bean comfort. The leather reflected the passage of time, the sandalwood added a spiritual layer, and the patchouli hinted at hidden mysteries.

Pelagos in the sand

Pelagos is more than a perfume; it is a story carried by the Aegean winds. A tribute to a Sea that fostered civilization, the essence of a deeply restorative vacation, the universality of my father's words, and the human spirit's endless quest for progress. Each spray of Pelagos is an invitation to an adventure. Feel the sunlight, smell the salty air, and hear the sea reveal its secrets. Remember, our limits are only as real as we believe them to be. The greatest discoveries lie just beyond the horizon.

Pissara Umavijani, Parfums Dusita Founder & Perfumer

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There is artistry in morphing a concept into a perfume and there is an even greater ability to translate both the former and the latter into words.

I waw so delighted in reading this post that I had to go, take my sample (I got lucky enough to receive one with my mail) of Pelagos and sprayed it. And now it made all sense. Pelagos is about seeing our limits and push our boundaries through them. Is it this the reason why Pissara exited what it may be called her confort-zone and create such a piece? to my nose she has created an extremely beautiful contrast between the freshness of the opening and the beautiful vintage orris; somehow the sea…

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