Eau de Parfum - 50 ml.


Discover Moonlight in Chiangmai 100ml

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Moonlight in Chiangmai has been selected: Fragrantica Editors' Favorite Perfumes of 2020 for the category: "Great Launches 2020".



The nocturnal fragrance of mystery that plays with the duality between light and shadows while painting a wonderful scene of a night in the city bathed by moonlight and fly flies.


Olfactive Notes

The Opening,

An energetic citrusy freshness 

from the exotic Japanese Yuzu

combined with the floral opulence 

of night-blooming Jasmine.


At the Heart,

The warm spiciness of Indian Nutmeg 

blended with the vanillic 

nuanced sweetness of Benzoin Siam 

builds a wonderfully dense heart.


The Base Notes,

A resinous touch of Myrrh 

beautifully wrapped by woody tones

of Patchouli Indonesia, 

Vetiver Haiti and Thai Teak Wood 

in a comfortable long-lasting embrace.


Ingredient List


1st sample: Anamcara