Dusita's exclusive collections of perfume 'extraits' and 'eaux' is a tribute to the poetry of Montri Umavijani,  the father of Dusita founder Pissara 'Ploi' Umavijani. Dr Montri (1941 - 2006), a craftsman of words, is considered one of Thailand’s leading modern poets. He travelled extensively and achieved international acclaim for his work. Both poetry and perfume stir the imagination with sensual and subliminal appeals. Parfums Dusita uses Montri’s poetry to help ‘illustrate’ the romance of our perfumes.


Inspired by Montri’s lifetime quest to find the joy and peace of mind that the heavenly paradise ‘Dusita’ is said to afford the spirit, our perfumes evoke realms of earthly happiness. Issara – the joy of freedom and tranquility; Mélodie De l'Amour – the sweet bliss and magic of love ; Oudh Infini -- the euphoria of adventure and discovery.


At Parfums Dusita our passion for fine fragrances begins with a love of traditional French haute perfumery and its style. To this we bring our own intimate familiarity with the fragrant oils, powders & resins of our Siamese heritage.


For countless generations, traditional Siamese ceremonies, religious and cultural, have used jasmine, sage, rose, benzoin, beeswax, bergamot, sandalwood and many more, beautiful and natural scents.


Dusita’s founder and perfumer says:  

"We aim to create great fragrances that can’t be copied. Perfumes with true recherché value. Traditional French sophistication graced with Siamese elegance.”


Pissara Umavijani grew up in Thailand in a home filled with books and poetry. As a young artist with a passion for fragrances, she began creating her own perfumes, blending rare and precious scents.

She dreamt of opening her own ‘Maison de Parfum’, and in 2011, she brought her dreams and creations to Paris.

After first teaching herself the science of fragrance, she has continued to produce her first collection of exclusive scents with a leading fragrance production house in Grasse. 

 Parfums Dusita launched in 2016, becoming France’s newest Maison de Haute Parfumerie.


The Dusita's Boutique, un petit Paradis

We are thrilled to announce that our first Parfums Dusita boutique opened in Paris. It is located in the heart of Saint Honoré,

about 5 minutes walk from Métro Stations Pyramides or Tuileries.

You can try and buy any of the Dusita scents. The poetry of Pissara's father, Montri Umavijani, are available too.

Discover Our Parisian Boutique

The boutique shares Parfums Dusita's history and values including the inspiration and fine craftsmanship of its designs. The boutique's ambiance seeks to evoke joy and contentment, like paradise Dusita after which the brand is named.

Almost all the decor elements in the boutique are handmade starting from lamps, to the gilded flowers and vases which were made to order. Even the silk roses were directly made by Pissara and her team.

Each fragrance of the brand is accompanied by its own picture. The artist, Pissara Umavijani, draws them with pencils and watercolor after the creation of the composition, emphasizing the main idea that she would like to convey in the fragrance.

Find Us

The new Dusita Boutique & Atelier is located in Paris, just twenty meters off Rue Saint Honoré, at 11 Rue de la Sourdière, 75001 in Paris, about 5 minutes walk from metro stations Pyramides or Tuileries

Tel: +33 (1) 40 26 41 28

Email: contact@parfumsdusita.com

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